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just adding this to my wish-list for 2015.
book it here

lux yoga

lux yoga

happiness calendar!

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this cool happiness calendar is already on my fridge door! 

now I have a new goal, if i’m unhappy 2 weeks in a row, call the doctor! 

eyeing the ‘healthy eating’ one too – I already had a “oh no” moment last night…
the dating one is probably a cute gift for v-day.

and they are made with love in brooklyn!
they are here

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umbrella fetish

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new addition to my future shopping list.
london undercover funky umrellas.

Bill Nighy and Nick Frost Dec 2010

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 2.19.44 PM

Totally doing my own paper mâché unicorn head!
All instructions here.


Cool wallpaper!

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Cool wallpaper company!


Coolest door ever

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Obsessed with this door.
All details here.


obsessed with tbm (tunnel boring machine).
in fairness –  i don’t think they were not named properly.
this photo is from the extension of nyc subway system, and i finally saw the vdo to explain how it all works.
geek inside of me is happy.