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Totally doing my own paper mâché unicorn head!
All instructions here.



obsessed with tbm (tunnel boring machine).
in fairness –  i don’t think they were not named properly.
this photo is from the extension of nyc subway system, and i finally saw the vdo to explain how it all works.
geek inside of me is happy.  

this must be the coolest annual report. ever.
congratulations to the agency behind it for the concept, and to Austria Solar for actually making it happen.
would love to make something as interesting one day…  

Woke up to a Wallpaper editorial on the state of modern architecture in Turkey, and how it’s branching out from the standard modernist templates and is developing its own cool architectural synthesis. It’s good to see there is a whole new movement somewhere where architects actually try to connect with their context and audience, and are able to create an actual point of differentiation with their spin on “modern”.
full story here.


here are some pretty cool 3D signs I would definitely notice… and admire… and take photos of…
they are by Yuki Matsueda – a young Japanese artist.
these are super cool – I can just see myself smiling every time i walk by one of these. will definitely try to see his work in-person when I’m in Japan – perhaps here.

Nuit Blanche will be in Greenpoint, Brooklyn this weekend (Saturday – 10/1 !). I just found out. Light sculptures with music and food. It will be an amazing event I’m sure, and love the fact that it’ll be outdoors. There is an entire schedule up here.

new obsession – Crealev.
basic play with magnetics and gravity – end results are stunningly beatiful. they literally have the capacity to reinvent all the boring stuff in my daily life.
I would love one of these cool lamps, and watch them just float!