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Totally doing my own paper mâché unicorn head!
All instructions here.



Cool wallpaper!

Posted: September 26, 2012 in art, commercial, Design, Funky
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Cool wallpaper company!


Coolest door ever

Posted: September 22, 2012 in art, Design, Funky
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Obsessed with this door.
All details here.


this must be the coolest annual report. ever.
congratulations to the agency behind it for the concept, and to Austria Solar for actually making it happen.
would love to make something as interesting one day…  

love making paper planes – or anything to do with folding paper.

there is always a period in one’s life where you make so many of them -mostly from textbooks- and all of a sudden we outgrow them.

not me.

and apparently not glithero and baddeley brothers either.
that smile on his face @ the end says it all.

here are some pretty cool 3D signs I would definitely notice… and admire… and take photos of…
they are by Yuki Matsueda – a young Japanese artist.
these are super cool – I can just see myself smiling every time i walk by one of these. will definitely try to see his work in-person when I’m in Japan – perhaps here.

so i ended up spending 20mins of my sunday morning on this cool online store called ‘infmetry’. that’s shortened for ‘information symmetry’. it’s the missing link between creative moma design store and affordable target prices. from usefull to meaningful to just plain silly and entertaining. just perfect. like they say, they have cool stuffs. here.

1 – lego puzzle calendar ($18). here.
2 – shit happen toilet paper ($5). here.
3 – unplug key ring ($9.99). here.
4 – grocery bag holder ($5). here.