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happiness calendar!

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Design, Funky, Funny, Wise
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this cool happiness calendar is already on my fridge door! 

now I have a new goal, if i’m unhappy 2 weeks in a row, call the doctor! 

eyeing the ‘healthy eating’ one too – I already had a “oh no” moment last night…
the dating one is probably a cute gift for v-day.

and they are made with love in brooklyn!
they are here

il_570xN.555542229_flaj il_570xN.555445236_rzuk il_570xN.553707155_2d36


Totally doing my own paper mâché unicorn head!
All instructions here.


dowager countess

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Funny, Motion
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none of the other sh!t blah blah said clips really did it for me. 
EXCEPT this one!
i cannot stop laughing at dowager countess – from downton abbey.   

mini mini series made me remember this –
original bmw series. 

few (very very few) spots are this entertaining.
must be the guy ritchie factor.

one of the coolest ads ever made…
nothing like watching maddy getting all thrown around… 

similar to bmw mini movies, now we have mini (still bmw) mini series.
both these spots are from istanbul

made me realize i want to ride in a mini convertible again… something so cool about that feeling the air so freely move about you as the car speeds..

part 1 & 2 of istanbul commercials. 

i am officially not a blackberry person. funny VDO to celebrate the moment.

a friend sent over this website – it was too good to pass. 
i am already thinking about all the questions i want to ask to my new iphone4s. i’m going to line-up my questions for siri for tomorrow.  
full entry is here. it’s really funny!