this must be the coolest annual report. ever.
congratulations to the agency behind it for the concept, and to Austria Solar for actually making it happen.
would love to make something as interesting one day…  


deglon necessity

Posted: February 16, 2012 in commercial, Design, Wise
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just spotted this amazing knife set – titled: “meeting”.
russian dolls meets culinary craze meets fibonacci sequence-innovation. i want one. not only because it looks cool, but also because it would be a mean knife set to have in the kitchen.
can order here

corning – part 2

Posted: February 7, 2012 in commercial, cool spot, Design, Funky, Motion
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i like thinking that one day our lives will be just what we imagined / watched / read in all the scifi productions. a good step towards that direction. follow-up vdo from corning to their 1st vdo.  

i like dream driven innovation. 

dowager countess

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Funny, Motion
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none of the other sh!t blah blah said clips really did it for me. 
EXCEPT this one!
i cannot stop laughing at dowager countess – from downton abbey.   

mini mini series made me remember this –
original bmw series. 

few (very very few) spots are this entertaining.
must be the guy ritchie factor.

one of the coolest ads ever made…
nothing like watching maddy getting all thrown around… 

similar to bmw mini movies, now we have mini (still bmw) mini series.
both these spots are from istanbul

made me realize i want to ride in a mini convertible again… something so cool about that feeling the air so freely move about you as the car speeds..

part 1 & 2 of istanbul commercials. 

love making paper planes – or anything to do with folding paper.

there is always a period in one’s life where you make so many of them -mostly from textbooks- and all of a sudden we outgrow them.

not me.

and apparently not glithero and baddeley brothers either.
that smile on his face @ the end says it all.